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Titanium is highly profitable
The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs has recently classified titanium between noble and high-noble alloys. Because of this new classification, dentists may now charge insurance companies between noble and high-noble rates using ADA Code D2794.

Titanium is the most bio-compatible metal available
Titanium does not release ions and does not trigger allergic reactions in the body. It has proven to be very effective in human medicine and dentistry.

Titanium is x-ray radiolucent
Titanium is X-Ray radiolucent allowing dentists to clearly see underneath the cemented crown without removing it in order to diagnose problems.

Titanium has low thermal conductivity
The patient can enjoy hot or cold food without experiencing dental pain. Titanium has a thermal conductivity of 15 times lower than gold,
causing the patient to feel lower sensitivity to hot or cold.

Titanium is light
This proves more comfortable for the patient. Gold is four times heavier, which is noticeable in large bridge framework.

Titanium has a high strength, without being too hard or too soft
Titanium can withstand the tremendous forces generated during mastication.Titanium is easy to process in the dental laboratory.

The ORIGIN® Custom Hybrid Implant Solution combines the strength and precise fit of a titanium interface with the aesthetic advantages of shaded zirconia. The close-tolerance machined titanium interface provides an accurate fitting surface with the implant and titanium retaining screw as well as the necessary metal-to-metal connection between the screw and implant. There is no compromise on the standard recommendation for torque pressure on the screw and abutment since the screw does not torque directly into the zirconia material thus eliminating any potential fracturing of the abutment. The zirconia abutment is milled from ORIGIN HS Zirconia and then cemented to the titanium interface resulting in a restoration that is both exceptionally strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Best of Both Worlds
The precise fit of a titanium interface with the colored aesthetics of a custom designed zirconia abutment.

Currently Compatible with:
• NobelReplace available sizes: NP, RP, WP, 6.0
• NobelActive available sizes: NP, RP/WP
• Branemark RP
• Staumann Bone Level available sizes: NC, RC
• Biomet 3i Certain available sizes: 3.4 mm, 4.1 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0
• Zimmer ScrewVent available sizes: 3.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.7 mm
• More platforms coming soon

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